Oops! Hollywood Actor turned “Blackhat” hacker

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Yeah!! I have incredible news for you straight from the Big Screen itself. It’s about your favorite, dashing and the most handsome star “Chris Hemsworth”.

Yes the same Chris Hemsworth who is an Australian actor, now he has become a “Blackhat” hacker.

This news is spreading like fire in the forest (Internet) that Chris is playing a blackhat hacker in his upcoming Hollywood movie “Blackhat”.

Are you excited to see this actor playing hacker character in a movie? If yes, then wait till today night.

As you don’t have to wait much for the movie release, it’s realizing on 16th Jan. Yes, you have read it correct! A few hours are left for the movie release. Even I am also excited to see the hacks of this black hat hacker.

Image Source: twitter.com

Image Source: twitter.com

The movie “Blackhat” starring Chris Hemsworth and Tang Ii is a comeback for the American director Michael Mann in the world of theater after six years.

In movie Nicolas is a Black hat hacker, who is released from prison to help the American authorities to disclose a criminal network.

Now like me you are also willing to know that, how the director will justify the concept of internet security. Especially after the cyber attack on the Sony Pictures, you might aware of that hottest news of the cyber world.

The director was much motivated to make the movie. He said “Hacking takes place in our world as it is right now, right at the cutting edge of this moment.”

In a press conference at Los Angeles Mann said, “He consulted expert hacker Kevin Poulsen before producing the movie, as he wanted to know what black hat hackers does and what motivates them to hack”.

The movie is releasing worldwide on Jan 16, 2015.

Visitors, it’s time to see your favorite subject: Hacking and also see this star playing as a hacker on Big Screen. So, rush to your nearest theaters

Watch the trailer below:

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