OMG! ATMs robbed using Samsung Galaxy 4 Smartphones

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Hacking Scams™ has brought exclusive news for you straight from the banking sector. It’s about the ATM systems that have become an essential element in our daily life. As we find it more convenient to use ATMs for cash withdrawal than to visit banks.

How will you react?? If you come to know, ATMs are being robbed by using Smartphones!

Shocked? Yes that’s true! Now hackers are using Smartphones to hack into ATM systems.

This attack is mostly used against NCR Corporation manufactured units. NCR Corporation is US-based computer hardware, software and electronics Company. It’s one of the main product is ATM (Automated Teller Machines).

NCR’s Research and Development offices are at Atlanta (USA), Dundee (Scotland) and Waterloo (Ontario). It also has R&D offices at Puducherry and Hyderabad in India. Moreover Puducherry (India) is a regional manufacturing and export hub of ATMs.

Brian Krebs (Award winning American journalist) has stated this issue on his website. He has reported, “the attackers disconnect the ATM’s cash dispenser from the “core” (the computer and brains of the device), and then connect their own computer or Smartphone that can be used to issue commands forcing the dispenser to spit out cash”.

Last year, more than 50 ATMs were robbed using a malware called “Tyupkin” and now, these systems are being robbed by using Smartphones.

Hacker uses Black-Box attack to hack into ATM through Smartphones. For this, the hacker disconnect the cash dispenser from the concerned system and connect it with the malicious Smartphone. Attacker uses a circuit board with a USB connection cable to attach the Smartphone with the ATM system.

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Image source:

According to the Brian Krebs that this attack is mostly used against NCR-manufactured units.

Before figuring out the issue, Charlie Harrow (Solution manager for global security at NCR) said, “They didn’t have to do this to get away with the money but, our guess is they thought this component would buy them some time”.

Later on NCR reported that the Smartphone was set to command to ATM system through a dynamic IP service. NCR has detected only two black box attacks till now and NCR is now updating the firmware to protect the communication between the cash dispenser and the computer.

Charlie Harrow said, “All things considered, this is a pretty cheap attack. If you know the right commands to send, it’s relatively simple to do. That’s why better authentication needs to be there”.

NCR is continuously updating the firmware in its vulnerable version to block the attack.

As NCR is a big player in this market and attacker keeps on targeting it. They are working hard to find the ways to secure their products and remove the flaws from them.

Hey Reader! Now you don’t think to try this with your Smartphone, as this illegal activity is strictly prohibited in every country. You will be punished by the law in case caught red handed by the police or bank authorities.

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