Is your girlfriend or boyfriend cheating you by using OGWhatsApp?

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It’s pretty big news from the cluster of Hacking Scams™ news. It will definitely surprise you, as I was surprised while researching on the topic with a question.

Does anybody can really operate 2 WhatsApp accounts at single Android Smartphone?

Answer is yes.

You need not to search about it on the web. As, I have researched on it in details with interest and curiosity to know the answer to the above question. I know you are about to ask.

Is it possible with WhatsApp Hacking?

Hacking Scams™ readers it’s not hacking. It’s just a different way to do it. I am sharing this valuable information here, to protect you all from being cheated. Do take it seriously! Your partner could be operating 2 WhatsApp accounts at single Android Smartphone and could be secretly chatting with someone else.

How it is possible to operate 2 WhatsApp accounts at single Smartphone?

Image source: Sahil Baghla’s Android Smartphone

Image source: Personnel Android Smartphone

You can clearly see two WhatsApp red circled in the picture. It has been made possible by website operated by OsamaGhareeb. Mimic App of WhatsApp is launched as OGWhatsApp with modification in the app functionality.

This App is not available at Google Play Store, as it is not licensed by Google. And, OGWhatsApp is not an official App of WhatsApp Inc. But still it works simultaneously with original WhatsApp at Android Smartphone.

Friends don’t search OsamaGhareeb website for this particular App. It has been removed from there. But as I have researched on Google, it is still available at many other websites to be downloaded.

Everybody knows Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp for $19 billion on Feb. 19, 2014. So this question might be striking your mind too.

Does Mark Zuckerberg knows about this App?

Image source: Sahil Baghla’s Android Smartphone

Image source: Personnel Android Smartphone

Well even I don’t know, how Mark Zuckerberg will react to this App. Let’s see how long this App continues to work at Android Smartphone. Till then you do check your partner’s Smartphone. On the off chance, if you do discover two WhatsApp accounts operated at single Android Smartphone. It could be important to start an investigation against loyalty check of your girlfriend or boyfriend.

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