Bang On!! Your smartphone keyboard is going to hack you

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Bang On!! Your smartphone keyboard is going to hack you

Hey, Folks! I am back with a new article. Today I am going to tell you about a new app which hacker can use to see what you are doing on your smartphone.

The trend of using Smartphone is increasing day by day, and new apps are being uploaded to the Google Play Store every day. And, it is almost impracticable for an ordinary man to know about all these apps. In case an app is developed by a hacker for the wrong purpose or unauthorised use, and he/she uploads the app on the play store, Google itself deletes that app. But what about those apps which don’t seem to be malicious and Google don’t remove it.

Now I know that questions have emerged in your mind. Is this true? Can those apps hack?

Answer is Yes.

Do you know, there are many apps on the Play Store which the hackers can utilise to hack you?

Although those apps were created for their excellent use, some fraudsters are using them differently to harm you. I know you all are desperately waiting to know about which app I am writing this article. So here it is, the name of the app is ‘SHADOWS KID’S KEYLOGGER.’

Oh Yes!

Today even this app is available in the Google Play store.

Maybe few among you are already familiar with this app but the ones who don’t know I want to tell that this app was mainly developed for the Parents to monitor their child’s activities but some fraudsters have learnt to use it for the wrong purposes.

Now in case, if your friend asks you for your mobile, he/she can monitor all your activities by using this app.  He can see the username/password of all banking transactions done through the phone as well as he/she can read all your personal chat. All he/she has done is just installing this app on your smartphone and installing this app hardly takes

Talking about the working of this app:

This app after installation, add a new keyboard to your Smartphone apart from your Android’s keyboard. And, if someone is successful to set this app’s keyboard as your default keyboard, then each and everything that you type, will get stored in this app’s log and he/she can misuse it against you.

As it is visible from the name of this app, it was developed for the use of parents to monitor the child’s activities like to read his/her chat and view their search history etc., but you should also be aware of it. This app even provides Authentication feature by which it can be secured with a user-defined password so anyone using it to monitor all your activities securely.

Is this article scared you?

And, you want to ask yourself. Am I being monitored by someone?

For the answer, you should carefully look at your Smartphone keyboard to see whether it is your default Android keyboard or not?

The shadow’s keyboard seems a little different from that of android’s keyboard. And, in case your keyboard appears to be different. Then go to the Language & Input setting options in the setting of your Smartphone and verify active keyboard. In case any other keyboard is activated then change it to Android Default keyboard.

Never hand over your smartphone to anyone as anybody having access to your smartphone will be able to install this app on your phone.

Be alert to this type of hacking scams!

Sahil Baghla, signing off for today. See you soon with the next article.

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